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The ocean calls me and I succumb to that call, camera in hand — to become, myself. 


When I see the world through my lens, the outside world disappears; no more obligations or labels. I am no longer the devoted mother or wife, neither am I the dyslexic girl at school sitting in the back of the class, trying to keep up with the crowd. 


Here, I am Erin Masters, capturing a glimpse — a snapshot — a moment of time witnessed, in all its joy and glory.


Finding softness in powerful moments is what inspires me, and this is celebrated in my signature ocean themed style known for splashes of soft pink and golden hues. I love presenting Australia’s iconic beaches, the sunrises and sunsets, the striking landscapes, in a new light—revealing a coastal lifestyle in all its charm we are often too busy to notice.


Collectors often comment on how I capture familiar locations in such a unique way, and though dyslexia has knocked my confidence from school to present day, it is here that it becomes my gift. To share a new angle, a new light, a new perspective, a splash of joy, and a touch of softness that we all need in the world right now.


Every day, I endeavour to see the world with fresh eyes, and there is no better way place do this than behind my lens.


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